Christian Country Music by Johnny Rowlett “Turn Around”

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Awesome Christian Country Music –  Johnny Rowlett’s “Turn Around”.  Thank God, if you are still alive, you have a chance to Turn Around and get on the Right Track…

Look for all of Johnny’s songs on iTunes, Reverbnation, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and cdbaby. Also check out his website at

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harleycharley says:

This fellow is the real deal…I have known him for 20 years and he gets better all the time! God bless you Johnny!

Matt Shackelford says:

Great video! Always love a good "Turn Around" Message! Love you cuz!

Otro hermano says:

I heard the song and the first thing that came up to my mind was subscribed to this dude!!

Georgette Musica says:

Yes Johnny Rowlett that is right…we turn to Him…the King of Kings..Awsome song! God bless you greatly. I would like to share with you and yours my song "Allright"

Jeff Harlan says:

great song greater message.

Drew Chorlton says:

Just an awsome song God bless you

Gawaya Tegulle says:

Great music!!! Bless you Johnny!!!!!

Nate Fortner says:

Great job on the video. Message of song is good too.

Deer Chaser says:

I have a really messed up life right not i am going down the wrong path in life i have been smoking, drinking and braking into cars and it is time for me to turn around before I get sent up state in the state penitentiary or in a body bag and I am 15 I lost my real dad in July 7 or 2014 and that is when I started to do my old thing I don't see away for me to turn around but I am going to try to turn around

natanael raaed viking blackmetal says:


Zacarias Mipalovsky says:

Is the horse christian too?

Matt Hensarling says:

I do not normally listen to country music, but when I do, I love Christian-Country music, could listen to it all day brother. I gotta say, I do miss the old school country sound, the stuff from long long ago, with the honky-tonk slightly out of tune but in a really cool way piano. And the strings, that sit on your lap, that is a cool sound too. If I were to do a country song, which I would like to do at least one, someday. That would be my sound brother. God bless you. I'm a Texas Native too. 😉

New Music Videos says:

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Rodney Alexander says:

I just discovered your video by chance. Wished I had 3 thumbs to turn up for you brother. Gods got a good thing going through you. Stay open and keep doing what ya doing.

Jessica Navrath says:

♡♡♡♡ this. All glory to God. He turned my life around

Bryson Bowers says:

Hey man I really like ur music videos keep makin em I'm 14 and I really like your music its really awsome what u do

Cameron Callaway says:

This shit ride!

Bongga Sambolangi says:

Beautiful song. GBU

David Turner says:

And I'm only 21

David Turner says:

I'll turn to myself who I've had to turn too. Your message is just insulting.(while I'm laying in bed with severe kidney problems) you sound like do what I say so you'll be happy. We all have different paths in life therefore different things are going to make us happy. But that just makes us evil right. Yes I'm very evil, I play piano at a nursing home and attend a community support group for people with disabilities. But you know what people with paranoid schizophrenia were called in bible times. Demon posses

Cowboy Rob says:

Man this song made me remember why I turned to God. I was headed down a path of giving up and alcoholism. I am only 21 and i can relate my fellow country fella. From a fellow country christian. Top job and keep it up. Maybe we might end up doing a duet one day.

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