Christian Country Music Video – “No Turning Back” (Tommy Brandt)

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Enjoy this Christian Country Music by Tommy Brandt, “No Turning Back”.

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You can check out his website at

Writer: Tommy Brandt
Producer: Mike Culpepper


Kevin Smith says:

hey man! great song!!

deb camp says:

Blessed song. Thanks.

Milton Jett says:

When I look back on all the artist, music, and songs that have affected me the most, I have to say Tommy's music has had the greatest impact. I was blessed to be able to sing this song at the baby dedication of my grandson Joshua several years back at FBC Hughes Springs Tx. This was especially significant for me because it was the only time I ever sang live with my momma as audience besides her funeral, so it was doubly special in my life. Thanks Tommy!

Yhasii iii says:

no turning back. lol.
it is done. 🙂

medicine surgery says:

from kenya.surrendering n tapping on Jesus n no turning back

Geraldean Gordon says:

a wonderful singer amen

Ayub Menja says:

my inspiration in country music,im doing an album for God and you being my inspiration Tommy

Helen Tew says:

lovely song, i wish i had faith like so many of those who comment but because of pain ive built a wall so high and so wide i dont think it will come down…but thank you for such a beautifull song

Madelein de Villiers says:


Hanna Queralt says:

Love your music!! The best thing we can do is to give our hearts to Christ!!! God bless you!!

Syly Syly says:

Nice song Tommy!

Diane Corinne K.M. says:

God give us the strength to not turning back even there is trouble on our way ! Be blessed Br. Tommy !

Jacqueline McCarver says:

Amen. luv it.

Marvin Ward says:

Tommy do you need a Pedal Steel Player?

mike- rayner-videos says:

brilliant country song my friend 🙂 i love it <3

Chrisel Pais says:

i need the lyrics of this song.Love this song!!

ccostly469 says:

i just love this song. God bless

Izzy B says:

God Bless you and Great song.

Jebina D says:

wonderful song! No turning back! yes! amen!

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