Remix of Christian Country Music (over 1hr) (Lyrics)

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Sit back and enjoy over 1 hr of smooth Christian Country Music…

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0.00 God Loves Gospel Country
4:09 Love Is A River
9:13 Forever Faithful
13:18 My Heart Belongs To You
16:45 I’m Here To Stay
21:34 Little Flowers
25:44 Song Of Life
29:20 For Daddy
33:22 Forever You
37:43 Wherever You Are
42:51 Dance
46:25 Road Of Grace
49:56 I’ll Keep On Believing
53:15 I Stand By You
57:24 Heart Of Jesus Lives In Me


Rose t says:

GOD, You are so wonderful! I belive in YOU, JESUS! I believe in miracles, wonder and amazing grace… thanks GOD! thanks lifebreakthrough music.😀👍👍👍

Irene Mwangi says:

I believe in miracles and wonders that you do Lord. Nice compilation.

Lindsay Louise says:

wow.. what a wonderful song .thank you lifebreakthrough for this wonderful songs.God bless us all

Mary Jane balicaol says:

wow.. what a wonderful song. Thank you lifebreakthrough music for all wonderful songs you have. GOD bless us all

Jata Manggi says:

nice song.with love.god bless you.

張嘉莉 says:

It is just so good.

Jacqui Abrahams says:

We Thank you lord for all teachings,experiences shared,we give you thanks for all ministries in motivation,worshiping,outreach,you give wisdom and guidance.many gifts of knowledge to better our world and living.your commandments our guide to follow.

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