Southern Gospel Favorite Alan Jackson singing “I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You” (Live)

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Enjoy Alan Jackson singing “I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You” which is a very touching song that was written by CARL L. TRIVETTE in 1952. He wrote this song for his wife Marilee Rasnake. She requested this to be sung at her funeral. So, when she died in 2003, Carl recited the song as a eulogy to her. Alan Jackson recorded the song in 2006.

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Jeanette Netzel says:

Alan is a beautiful meaningful writer and has the voice to go with it. 🎶❤️🎶

Stanley Griffiths says:

What a beautiful song, Alan does it justice, a pleasure to listen to along with many of his other songs that he has sung

Elizabeth Williams says:

I play your song in honour of your Mama and Dad and I love it so much , keep singing Alan Jackson

Bonnie Daly says:

Allen you will stroll over heaven wit mom and dad someday ,God bless you ?!

L Bluebird says:

I'll be adding this to my dying request list of songs. But mainly, I want to stroll over heaven with my mother who I lost at age 4, my sister left us when she was 25 & also stroll with the truest love I ever knew & felt…Walter…I miss you all so very, very much.

Michele Lichtenstiger says:

Thank you Alan.
My Dad past away almost 13 years ago of lung cancer.
Then last Feb.2017 my Mom died of a brain hemorrhage from a fall down stairs, last Christmas. My parents loved "Remember When", "Southern Man", ans also this one!
My Mom requested we play "Stroll over Heaven" at her funeral. God bless you, and all your family.
I am sorry to hear your Mom died too. Your parents and my parents are strolling over er heaven about now!

Diana Brantley says:

Alan I've always loved your music and I'm so very sorry for the loss of your mother…But she's in Heaven now with your father, and some day, your be with them again. I just hope it's no time soon. God gave you a voice to be heard, and you use it the way HE wants you too. Especially when you sing gospel music…God Bless you and your beautiful family…My Prayers are with you ~🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Joyce Sikora says:

My Mom lost a leg before she passed, couldn't raise her arms to praise God any more. I know that she is strolling over heaven with my Dad and raising her hands in praise.

Claudette Beriault says:

just love that song i listen to it often

Wanda Miller says:

Beautiful song.

marilyn heflin says:


Z Viskovic says:

Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee.  Psalm 73:25

Rhonda Boncutter says:

Just bought this CD and a new car with a CD player in it, I am gonna be driving and singing to the Lord! Thanks so much for this beautiful music!

Sadie Toinette Thomas says:

This songs touches my heart right now because, I just lost my best friend to heaven and I hope someday to stroll over heaven with him.

Gerald Barry says:

Alan sorry to hear of your mother death I love the song stroll over heaven God bless you and your family and keep up the good song Alan and thank you

Robert Brown says:

Lost my mom 9 months ago, this song was played at her services. It was her favorite song by you Alan.

Karen Lamantia says:

Alan So Sorry for the loss of your Mama Ruth RIP MAMA RUTH XO

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