Southern Gospel Video of The Talley Trio “He Is Here” [Live]

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Southern Gospel Video of The Talley Trio singing ‘He Is Here [Live]’.

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Sing Along LYRICS:

I sense an awesome moving of the Holy Spirit And I see His countenance resting on your face
I know that there are angels hovering all around us For the presence of the Lord is in this place

He is here, Hallelujah!
He is here, Amen!
He is here, Holy, Holy
I will bless His name again
He is here, Listen closely
Hear Him calling out your name
He is here, you can touch Him
You will never be the same

I searched for peace among the shadows, dark and lonely
Gave up on finding that strong and lasting love
I tasted all the things that sin could fear to offer me
But today I feast on manna from above

He is here, Hallelujah
He is here, Amen
He is here, Holy, Holy
I will bless His name again
He is here, listen closely
Hear Him calling out your name
He is here, you can touch Him
You will never be the same

He is here, you can touch Him
And you will never be the same


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Diana Willmeno says:

i love this song more than that i love how the Holy Spirit shows up when this song starts playing ,the word says God inhabits praise

Breann Bonnet says:

yes he as done well but Wes do it the best of all love to here him sing

renato aarom says:

Kirk Talley, Lindo !… Essa voz não é daqui… JESUS, é o teu advogado,ninguém pode te julgar… Pecador não julga pecador…

Jason Gibson says:

I love Kirk Talley and Ray Boltz. I am a gay Christian. I am attracted to men. I can not change that. I love Jesus and God and I believe they both meant for me to be this way. Visit my church the M C C  you will find grace and love, forgiveness.

Traci Scheelk says:

What a glorious talent and performance. What a shame the continuing laughter in the background on such a solemn and reverent song. This was in extreme poor taste. Even the rest of the group showed much disapproval and disappointment. Seemed as if a small group laughing was intentionally disrespectful to Kirk Taley. I've never seen anything like this on Gaither before. If it could, it would have spoiled the song completely. What a shame.

Guido Feliz says:

I was once read that Kirk Talley struggled with his sexuality many years ago. Kirk had what I call a conflict of personality—gay or straight. Does anybody know if there is any truth to this situation?

unicity bios slim says:

wow, great voice.

Matthew mallecoccio says:

kirk talley is by far my favorite tenor. he was the reason i wanted to sing in the first place. listening to him with the cathedrals was when i first heard the tenor part and i took right to it.

Ilie Pop says:

O cântare de o sensibilitate specială, se varsă multe lacrimi (solist şi ascultători)


hearing Kirk sing this in Ft Worth at a business meeting…truly allowed the Holy Spirit to be present…a quietness filled the auditorium of reverance and worship…never had I seen such a beautiful sight of some standing and lifting hands in worship. Several yrs ago

denise cryer says:


MrsKravitz4u1 says:

What a beautiful song Kirk Talley has given us…Wes Hampton does it equally as well, and I think I perhaps prefer his version of it. But never the less, it is beautiful and well done by Kirk. Love to hear both of them sing.

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