Awesome Southern Gospel – “In The Sweet By and By” (Ben Hester)

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Enjoy this Upbeat Southern Gospel Rendition of “In The Sweet By and By”.

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Vickie Dodson says:

Simply Beautiful . . .

Valdenor R. Santos says:

You are simply wonderful!

Achio Khiam says:

love it….you guys are amazing. Praise the Lord

Aaron Little says:

Praise God! Great singing! it made my heart rejoice. I was taken back to the early 90's at the Freewill Baptist Church. I could almost hear my Momma and Grandma shouting again.

Papa'sFatCat says:

Great song! Thanks for sharing.

Ned Kline says:

please make a cd, i dont know about down loading, love your music

Robert Gabuna says:

when my father, mom, and two siblings passed away we sang this hymn during the necro service


Perfeito…Deus abençoe

M anfredo says:

I found it very touching to listen to

Iliesa Cama says:

beautiful…. talented

sean pitts says:

I don't believe in God.
But I do love a beautiful song.

Jørgen Hansen says:

The song reminds me of the afterlife. That salvation extends beyond this world. The lyrics speaks of a shore. And the song contains hints to a meeting, 'we shall meet.' However, the book of revelation speaks about the New Jerusalem as the home of the redeemed, not a shore. 'We shall meet again' is just a shadow compared to meeting Jesus. What if the lyrics spoke about the New Jerusalem instead of a shore, and of meeting Jesus instead of seeing old friends again? Are you happy that you will go to heaven because you can see your loved ones again? Or is meeting Jesus enough? For me, the latter is everything. The former I don't really care about.

Jeff Nix says:

I can't sing, but if I could I'd want to sing like this. Thank you.

Donkie 6 says:

I agree with Annette Walker.  In South Africa we don't get to hear these songs in church anymore – all modernised now. I love the group and their blue grass style.  I am crazy about blue grass especially gospel.  Please keep on sharing.

nfinitiduck says:

I'm an atheist. I do think the world would be a better, just and peaceful place without religion, especially the violence that it incites in people's hearts.
That said, this music is so joyful, it's the best counterargument to that idea. If only this was all that religion was about instead of governing people's bodies and thoughts.

Ian Osborne says:


Harlan Tanner says:

These songs are messages of hope, joy and faith.  Better than hip-hop!

Bill Brown says:

We used to sing this song in church but they don't any more

박성길 says:


Candance Moore says:

Dear Modern Trade,

It is a crime that this was on YouTube for three years before I found it. Call the police or something. People need to know about this!!

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