Classic Southern Gospel Porter Wagoner & Blackwood Brothers -More Grand Old Gospel (Album)

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Classic Southern Gospel Music (More Grand Old Gospel – FULL ALBUM) of Porter Wagoner and Blackwood Brothers.

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Here’s the Album Song List:

01 – Where No One Stands Alone

02 – Rank Strangers To Me

03 – You’re Not Home Yet

04 – Lord Build Me A Cabin In Gloryland

05 – There’d Be No Need For Heaven

06 – Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies

07 – Beautiful Wings

08 – God Walks These Hills With Me

09 – Tell Your Children (The Day Of Wrath)

10 – God’s Wonderful Way

11 – I’ll Fly Away

12 – Thirty Pieces Of Silver


Roy Bodden says:

Porter Wagoner recorded two albums with the Blackwood Brothers Quarter of classic gospel songs. Oh, what beautiful albums! We treasure them!

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