Enjoy The Best Southern Gospel Music (Over 1 Hr)

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Listen to Good South Gospel Music.  Enjoy Over an hour of music to inspire you.

List of Songs:

0:00 I’m Standing On The Solid Rock – The Florida Boys
2:26 Please Forgive Me – Michael English
6:17 Three Nails and A Cross – George Straight
9:52 Jesus and Me – Glen Campbell
12:44 What Children Believe – Gold City
16:39 This Is The Time I Must Sing – Gordon Mote
20:02 11th Hour – Adam’s Fall
24:16 It Won’t Rain Always – Alison Durham Speers
27:14 It’s All About The Cross – The Ball Brothers
31:20 Mercy Met Grace – The Beene Family
34:25 A Rich Man Am I – Michael Booth
36:41 Stand Among Millions – Brian Free and Assurance
41:00 Brothers and Sisters – Sisters and Booth Brothers
45:02 Nothing Is Impossible – The Browns
48:32 Calvary Reminds Me – Legacy Five
51:53 Never Too Far Away – The Mike LeFevre Quartet
56:20 Beyond The Cross – Carroll Roberson
59:21 Stand – Clark Family
1:03:04 At Calvary – Collingsworth Family
1:07:08 Heaven To Me – The Crist Family –
1:11:01 This I Know – Crossway –
1:14:12 Jesus Never Fails – The Dills –
1:18:22 The Way That He Loves Donna Roberson –
1:21:17 Forgiven Again – Ernie Haase and Signature Sound –
1:26:21 Old Lang Syne – The Nelons –
1:29:20 Fly Away – Lifebreakthrough –


Jim Britt says:

REAL music that honors God

God's Warriors says:

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The law and testimony, the words from the mouth of God and His Son, will provide Christians with the protection we need to be warriors of God. Obey God, love Jesus, put on the armour of God.

Anguwe Tainda says:

Love these songs, where would i get DVDS and CDs?

Felicia Valentine Yates says:

This is fun to hear music like this is great.

Mr B says:

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Lucas Seo says:

Thank God for all you have done for me. So I will please you all day long

Marie Russell says:

Thank you and may God bless you with more inspiration for this AWESOME compilation.

Roberta Elder says:

Thank you for these they mean a lot to me from roberta

John Harris says:

Good gospel music

Elsie Guerrero says:

thank U. praise GOD….Bless Us..

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