Live Southern Gospel Video of The Hinson Family Singing “That I Could Still Go Free”

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Classic Southern Gospel of The Hinson Family performing live to “That I Could Still Go Free”…

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Melby Martin says:


bert swan says:

this was a great group and ronny wrote some great songs

Darlene W says:

An Amazing song, one of the best.

minnie vanzant says:

God and kenny songs help me get thought my cancer treatments God still answer paryers

Dottie Paulk says:

how can you not love it…..Awesome

Teresa Heiseredd says:

I grew up listening to the Happy Goodmans, Dixie echos etc…I didn't grow up listening to the Hinsons, however I found them & started listening to them about 3 months. I really enjoy listening to their music. It takes me back to the way church was when I was young. Does anyone know what year they started singing in the Jubilee?

john strickland says:

I had a big crush Chris in the early 70s knew family that played with the hinsons

Gwen Weaver says:

Kenny is the greatest singer and I call him "Mr. Voice".  I miss the whole Hinson group. They represent our Lord so well.  Kenny's voice got richer the older he go.

Gary Byrd says:

After all these years, stil NOBODY can touch this song like Kenny … What a blessed voice!

Florinda shepard says:

Awesome song.

Henry Boss says:

Hinson were one of my favorite groups

Herb Houston says:

Oh, how I can relate to this song…… WOW! The line that says; "Unworthy to live and not fit to kill"—- that is my life— and for so long that is exactly how I felt! Exactly! But one day I opened my heart and found the answer for every problem I had and every problem I would ever have. That answer is Jesus— the only one who overcame the grave so that we could leave this old earthly vessel and spend eternity in a place like no other and walk with Him through out the endlessness of eternity. When I think of that and what He did—-for me, like the song says; (that I could still go free). Praise God!

Jeremy Charlie says:

that I….I….unworthy to live. not fit to kill

Scarlett White says:

Mike sounds so much like Kenny, it is hard to believe they are not related! Either way, I could listen to both of these groups all day long. The Hinsons, The Bowling famliy and The Freeman's! So very talented and such a blessing!

Larry Fair says:

Went down and meet my Lord to this somg never will be another mean so much to me

Chris Boyd says:

This song brings me to my knees everytime.!!!! Thank you lamb of God!

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