Southern Gospel Hymn Favorite -“How Great Thou Art” [Randy Travis]

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Randy Travis sings this Southern Gospel Hymn Favorite, “How Great Thou Art”

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Penny Thatcher says:

Randy Travis sending prayers to you and your family!🦋

Penny Thatcher says:

today is May 25 2017 does anyone know how Randy Travis is?🦋

edgar guingab says:

Praise God! thunder and lighting agrees while I'm listening this great gospel song. amen! bless you brother Randy!

ron cash says:

I never knew Randy did all these religious songs . God they are great . Really are .

gretchen mreminting says:

I'm Lovin' this `classic Travis!'

David Russell says:

I'd like this, but there are 777 likes.

Dave Stout says:

what a great voice

Niki Brock says:

I love your music God brings a levantar world

Connie Hillman says:

Randy Travis was my Moms favorite singer. She had this CD and listened to it many many times. She cried and prayed for him when he had his stroke. She mailed him a "get well" card with a handwritten prayer and expressions of her gratitude for his voice to her favorite Hymns. It was only fitting that this very song was playing during her Funeral service day before yesterday. The Lord called her home for my dad had spent 17 long years waiting for her to arrive in Heaven with him. I listen to this song again and remember all of the people that attended her service and was amazed at how many people my Mom had touched over the years. She and my Dad had amassed awards for "Foster Parents of the Year" 3 years in a row. "Adoptive Parents of the Year' as well. They did all that they could to help kids that needed Parents and a place to call "Home".
I feel that this world is a better place today because my Parents were a part of it.

I miss you Mom and I will play this song, cry, and remember your beautiful voice singing along with Randy.

JLeonor Holona says:

love randy travis…..he's so wonderful to listen to

Unaffiliated X says:

An unbelievably remarkable rendition of the song. Can't listen to without crying. Thank you, RT.

Linda Patterson says:

Amen to Randy travis he amazing person

D elderful says:

Why does this song always make me cry? Sometimes I don't believe, but then I hear this and I know it is true.



Grace Gabrielsen says:

Lord reach down and touch Randy, thank you Jesus for your healing power.

Larry Torrez says:


mattsrcking says:

love this version from Randy!

Kimberly Winton says:

I love Randy Travis he is my favorite singer

rightpatch1 says:

Our LORD is truly great, praise Him. AMEN !!

Richard Kanseah says:

One of the very few songs which actually brought tears to my eyes….. possibly trying to tell me something?

Sally Thames says:

I have always loved Randy Travis! His Christian music surpassed expectations. Thank you Mr. Travis!

Ryan Matthew Paden says:

(Isaiah 9:6) "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."

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