Southern Gospel Music Favorites The Kingsmen Quartet in Live Church Service (2015)(over 1hr)

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Enjoy this live church service with Southern Gospel Favorites, The Kingsmen Quartet (Sunday morning, January 18, 2015). Blended voices at their finest. (Kingsmen start about 3 min into video, so stay tuned or fast forward ahead)

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John Mathias says:

im really interested in this group since 20o1. how can i get the sound tract of this songs?

creto Olsen says:

I miss the old group of guys, no disrespect for the newer members, I was a song leader back in the 80's and listening to Reese and Philips was really special, 35 Royal years, and the Silver anniversary album with my family driving to church, the song "When the home bells ring" I would sing that to my kids when I brushed their teeth, it said "Open wide the gates of glory",

1013pka says:

Just saw the Kingsmen a couple of nights ago with a new tenor. They are really good. Love to hear Mr. Reese sing.

Joyce Tiley says:

god bless you all I love your gospel music my husband loves you also God bless you abundantly

debra riley says:

I love the old gospel music. it is so heart felt. this is the kind of music that we still need in churches to touch the hearts of people. Soul Saving Music.

Nelda Johnson says:

Love this group. Ray dean Reese still has it. We have been to going to their concerts since the seventy's

Tony Eads says:

I have loved The Kingsmen Quartet for many many years, I know that these guys are doing what they are gifted to do but I must admit it is hard to watch the quartet in this state singing to soundtracks after all the many years that they traveled with a band… Southern Gospel music as a whole has changed dramatically over the past 10-15 years. I am thankful for Youtube making it possible to see what it used to be.

Johnny Phillips says:

Ray Dean Reese still has it.  God bless him and this new group of Kingsmen.

Josh Griffin says:

Thanks for sharing this video!

MrsKravitz4u1 says:

Bob Sellers does such an excellent job. 

Josh Summers says:

I have loved this group for so many years. Greatest quartet!

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