Southern Gospel Music – “I Believe” [Diamond Rio]

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Enjoy this Southern Gospel Music video by Diamond Rio performing I Believe. (C) 2004 Sony Music Entertainment

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i henson says:

This is my son lilshawn. He was killed in a car accident last year he was 17 years old

itISRA oftEL says:

@Edward Muscare… I been crying by that love history… More than a millions of storys an tales.

HardRockMiner says:

Makes me cry everytime I hear it..

Ron Davis says:

Country needs to get rid of auto tune and bring back steel guitars, mandolins, fiddles, and lovely, meaningful lyrics like this.

Fabiola Nolazco says:

I believe you still here with me baby, #forever8yearsold

clintlgriffin says:

Played this at my mom's funeral 16 yrs. ago and still to this day it still chokes me. . One of the greatest songs of all time in my book !

Bohemian Goddess says:

Song & video makes me cry and have goose bumps everytime

Kimberly Barone says:

Such a beautiful song.

Debi A H says:

I believe Diamond Rio is my all time favorite easy listening group. They are the best !!!

Arron P. says:

RIP Matt Simonson 1985-2018
Too young to die! Great guy this song makes me cry I'm a 36 yr old man and I'm not scared to admit it

Millie Burgess says:

first lost my grandma 2006 it hurt real bad know my mom passed away November 13 2018 at 5:00 pm I been like a stage of no life at all the love ones I love very very much my grandma and my mom it hurts my soul and my heart my family it get better it don't I wish in Jesus I can see my mom spirit one time 😥

Donna Nolte says:

This song was in my daddy's picture video at his funeral along w/ One More day. I know he's in heaven but, I still miss him so.

Adam Paul says:

〰️ ✝️〰️

Adam Paul says:

Holy —-‼️….
No words ‼️……
Who's with me, ❓🎇✨🎉

Chrissy Mckamie says:

See I have a uncle that had a massive heart attack and this song kinda reminds him of it

Melodie Guzman says:

Lost my husband 8 yrs ago and my son 3 yrs ago..I miss them so much….they r my angels…I believe..

Amy Rae says:

Daddy we need you so much you are loved and miss more than you could ever know I hope and pray I will see you again one day❤️RIP

Saldo Llanes says:

What a wonderful song ,I love diamond Rio,I am one those million fans who always listening to their song.

Dakota Pina says:

Just lost my Grandpa on Tuesday December 18 2018. I just wish we seen him more often.

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