Southern Gospel Music of Dallas Holm Singing “I’ll Rise Again” [Lyrics]

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Southern Gospel Favorite of Dallas Holm Singing “I’ll Rise Again”.  Sing along with included Lyrics.

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playball says:

Great song, We will all rise again 🙂

Joy Shepard says:

Parts of this song could also be true of Christians. Go ahead and kill us but you will see that you were wrong. We will rise again. No power on earth will keep us back. And we will come again with Christ andctake this world back!

Ginger Boudreaux says:

Thank You Jesus. I love this song

Pete Hernandez says:

God is everywhere, knows all, sees all. Nothing absolutely nothing can be hid from him. This is what makes him so Amazing! He is a MIGHTY, MIGHTY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete Hernandez says:

Never underestimate God!

Pami Wahl says:

Great song more churches should play this song.

Kent Lewis says:

I saw Dallas live at a Christian college in the mid 90's. I've always loved the richness of his voice. Saw him last year at a small church & his voice was as good as ever, maybe even better. His testimony was awesome as well.

Stanley Lamb says:

My love for you is still the same .

Gary Glass says:

Beautiful Song…I have the original album and heard him sing in person…..Very touching

Baby Doll says:

My dad sings this song so amazingly

Candice Perry says:

this is a great psalm esoeically for easter Sunday

TMBK Productions says:

Where's the version with synthesizers instead of this?

Wade Sanders says:

Take me home when You are ready!

suresh nair says:


Deana Robinson says:

true voice of an angel

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