Southern Gospel Music- The Carter Family “Sitting On The Far Side Banks of Jordan”

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Traditional Southern Gospel Musc from The Carter Family singing “Sitting on the Far Side of Banks of Jordan” .  Nice images included…

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Diane McClure says:

beautiful song

Tammy clausen says:

We played this song by a different artist at both my mom and dad's funerals.  The words are so sweet.  Anita had a beautiful voice and I love the way she sings this song.

Eleanor Fitzpatrick says:

beautiful family harmonies…always love to hear it

Karen Lewis says:

I don't remember ever hearing this song until I watched the movie Ring of Fire. I had just lost my youngest son to cancer when I watched the movie. I wish I had heard it before I would have played it at his funeral. It brings me so much peace listening to it I know when I cross the banks of Jordon he will be waiting on me. I wish I could find a recording of it by Jewel I just love the way she sings it but no luck so far.

Jim Corboy says:

Great old-time song. The kind people seem to laugh at these days as society sinks further and further into the decadent muck with less and less morality and values, standards of decency seemingly being lowered every single day. And for those of us, who admire the family values the Carter family exemplified, back in the day, it became very poignant when June Carter-Cash died first and Johnny Cash died, what?, just a few short months later. 

Tony Lupo says:

Anita has the most beautiful voice but the harmonys that her and her sister Helen were fantastic and all 3 girls sing great together on some of those songs back when they were on the radio show. Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters were great!  Check out the "Remembering Anita Carter" facebook group..

Mary Cage says:

Anita Carter had a beautiful voice, the best one in the Carter family.  She was June's younger sister.

Regina Terriah says:

greatest song ever

John Stauffer says:

A testimony and a plan.

Catherine S. Todd says:

Thanks for uploading… loved the film and the soundtrack!

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