Southern Gospel – “Yahweh” by The Hoppers [Live] [Lyrics]

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Southern Gospel Favorites The Hoppers singing “Yahweh (Live)”.

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Sing Along LYRICS:

Yahweh, Jesus is coming
In all nature, our Lord is coming
Yahweh, Jesus is coming
Born in Bethlehem
Born in Bethlehem

Yahweh, Jesus is teaching
In the temple, our Lord is teaching
Yahweh, Jesus is teaching
Nobody speaks like him
Nobody speaks like him

Hosanna, He comes in the form of a man
Jehovah, the great God of Abraham
He lived to die for our sins
Yahweh for our sins

Yahweh Jesus is praying
In the garden, our Lord is praying
Yahweh, Jesus is praying
“Let this pass from me”
“Let this pass from me”

Yahweh, Jesus is dying
On a cross, there, our Lord is dying
Yahweh, Jesus is dying
Dying for our sins
He’s dying for our sins

Yahweh, Jesus is buried
In a rich man’s tomb he is buried
Yahweh, Jesus is buried
But he will not stay
No, he will not stay

Yahweh, Jesus is rising
Our Lord is rising
From that grave our Lord is raising
Yahweh, Jesus is rising
Now, He lives again
Yes, He lives again!

Hosanna, He comes in the form of a man
Jehovah, the great God of Abraham
He lived to die for our sins
He arose from the grave!
And lives again!

He arose from the grave!
He lives again!
He arose, He arose!
He lives again!
Our Lord lives again!


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Faith Mathuku says:

I love this song with all my heart. The Hoppers are a blessing and a music models in my life. God bless you more.

mary lytle says:

you all are awesome!!!

Oshima Turner says:

love this song

Harold Muse says:

I see ppl crying in this one omg how wonderful amen

Sergio Polanco says:

AMEN, Cristo Viene, Prepárate!!!

Joseph Macharia says:

Yet i hear this song first time today??? And am in awe of Yeshua….God bless Bill, Gloria and the Hoppers for the song. From Africa 'Hakuna Matata'

Alejandro Ferguson says:

i just can´t stop listend to this over and over… it is soooooooo amazing! 😉

Billy Davis says:

This hasto be the most bambozzled song of all time.

ELOIDE Moreno says:

Amo Demais ouvi-los, que o nosso Deus os abençoe poderosamente, e desejo ter o prazer de conhecer vcs nem que seja na Glória com Jesus….abraço!!!

Fabrício Machado says:

Maguinifico pra deus sempre o melhor…

Champion Makaya says:

hallelujah he lives again …………….. i love the hoppers

Lady V says:

Excellent…and Connie…what a powerful voice!

Damares Moraes says:

Ouço sempre eles. Amo….!
Deus os abençoe!!!

Sylvia Misoi says:

hallelujah,our Lord lives again.

Wanjiru Kiarie says:

Whenever someone dies, we say (s)he is the late….
But 2,017 years later and counting, Jesus is still alive and on the throne

theseKokosnuss says:

Halleluyah !!!!!!

Sanny Jeffrey says:

He lives just to die for our sin… praise the Lord…# Hoppers my favorite

Kapena Salema says:

I have been so blessed i cant wait to join such angles and sing with them together for our Lord in heaven

Maria Wright says:

Praise be to God!

Suubi David says:

honestly yahwe is the best song this group has ever sang. I love you the Hoppers

Mouff Ta Maman says:

Nice son i like

J. K Mazarura says:

what is the name of this homecoming?

Faith Full says:

what a beautiful song! So basic to scripture yet so powerful!

Jackie Greenway says:

I recently saw The Hoppers live. Wow! Immediately bought their greatest hits. What an amazing blessing.

Faith Mathuku says:

One of my best songs well presented, they mean what they sing infact. Glory be to God.

Nancy Arthur says:

love the hoppers. this is one of my favorites as well as jerusalem

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