Vintage Southern Gospel Music – “Were You There” [Johnny Cash & The Carter Family]

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Johnny Cash & The Carter Family singing this Southern Gospel Music favorite “Were You There” (1960).

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Glenn Österback says:

where you there

gwyn Stephen says:

Thanks and God bless you for posting this

Norman Stahl says:

I helped drive the nails

Lenny Buttz says:

Anita Carter's voice causes me to tremble.

Kraaxpelax says:

This Jesus BS is horrible. If one could take Yaheezus out of the south, it would become a great place.

millers3888 says:

Anita definitely had the best voice of the family, but June was the beauty. Easy to see how John fell in love.

spookyben says:

Anita Carter – holy cats what a voice!

David Lingner says:

Truly, he is looking strung out in this video. Probably when he was going through his hard times.

Keith Muncy says:

religion is a sickness but true salvation is of the Lord God Almighty and for any one to label religion with true salvation knows nothing of God or the Holy Ghost and I pitty them and pray that Almighty God will save their soul before it's everlasting too late. John battled with depression and many other problems caused by an abusive and evil father who was satanic and stopped believing in God after the accident that left John's brother dead turned him into an alcoholic. He blamed John for his brothers death and hated John. These and many other things that occurred in John's life if you ever watched his and June's autobiography Walk the Line lead to John's drug and alcohol addiction. it was not until 1981 when at a Billy Graham crusade John gave his heart to Christ and was a completely different man from then on. Judge not lest ye be judged condemn not lest ye be condemned does saith the Lord of hosts.

Danny Bond says:

I love Johnny Cash and June Carter great people of all time

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