Gospel Music Video of Marty Raybon-” I’ve Seen What He Can Do” [Live]

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Live Southern Gospel Video of Marty Raybon singing “I’ve Seen What He Can Do”. What a Powerful Testimony…… Marty is the Long time Shenandoah lead singer  and this Christian Music Video “I’ve Seen What He Can Do” is from his “HAND TO THE PLOW” Christian album.

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Lee Black, Sue Smith, Kenna West




Inspirational Spirit says:

I love this song & Marty!🙂 Truly Awesome guy!

Chris Lemaster says:

If you like this check  out him in  the country group Shenandoah from 1987-1995 Marty Raybon is excellent

Ruth Ann Doyle says:

the song is beautiful never stop singing about the lord marty the song and your voice touches my heart!!!!! god bless you

Wiliam Bennett says:

Folks, we might not see the face of God. But we can see His reflection in the creation around and in the faces of those who love Him.

DYstopia says:

looks like nick frost

Janeth Suizo says:

god decided to give us life through the word of truth so we might be the most important of all the things he made.

William Walker says:

I believe GOD was there beside me in three fatal car accidents I was in. I walked away from each of them unhurt. one of them I was not driving but a gasoline tanker went off the road and then back on right in front of us .we hit it and I yelled "Jesus Saves as we went up a embankment with him.

kelly mccartney says:

ive seen what GOD can do in all of our lives,.hit by a car when i was a child, still here….

Steven Jarrett says:

This video should by played for EVERY youth group out there. What a great way to describe faith to them.

Murchison Kern says:

I thought this was beautiful what a beautiful voice and song*******

Teh Jia Ming says:

In God, everything is possible and this is what I believe in~AMEN

travis w says:

this song is great

Andrew Nolan says:

marty…..I'm a porfessional Santa…..lost my way…it was money…..but I saw the face of god,,,,,your music touched my heart……love ya brother…..(small church in the hills brought me back to earth) being Santa…..how do you do it…..to "be" the star……I know what next day is…..how do you do it?

Lynneatwork says:


Miss Nalli says:

Who could dislike this ?? thumps up if you feel how much God loves you and how blessed you are AND you actually appreciate it ! 🙂

Argha Agga says:

so amazing..Jesus Bless U all

kelly mccartney says:

ive seen what GOD can do & still does in my life..HE is there when you think HE aint…

Keziah Roa says:

Today, I almost told myself that I don't believe in him anymore. It's been weeks and weeks of doubts and questioning. Is he real? Why doesn't he help me in times of need? I guess I lost the connection… I don't read the Bible anymore… nor do I pray or follow him. Thought of giving up on him. Now a friend of mine suddenly shared this to me, (without knowing about the situation I'm currently in) cause he thought it was touching, I owe her for this…

icegurl Garcia says:

I really2x like this song,it touches my heart too..i'm looking for the lyrics of it,i search it but i cant find.,is anybody can help me please?

leny grey says:

this video really touches my heart. G0D is really amazing <3

Yvonne Renfrow says:

Awesome song thank you Marty

Margarita Mandaro says:

Thank you for sharing God bless you..

Heather Gray says:

Love this it's great Amen.

princesssandi1 says:


sweetpeanc31 says:

This song really touched my heart. It was beautiful!!!

David Loew says:

Great song man.

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