Southern Gospel Music by Kirk Talley Singing Serenaded By Angels [Live]

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Southern Gospel Music Video of Kirk Talley Live Singing ‘Serenaded By Angels..

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Sing Along LYRICS:

She went to sleep one night
Never to awake again
But everything was all right
Between her and Him

She awoke in Heaven’s courtyard
Free from pain within
The angels gathered around her
And took her by the hand

Serenaded by angels, up to the throne
Serenaded by angels, finally at home
Surrounded by praises, to the King
Welcome to Paradise, the angels did sing

Now I close my eyes at night
And try to imagine
That city of brilliant light
Waiting for me

But my mind cannot conceive
So I’ll continue to dream
‘Til I’m transported there
Then I will be

Serenaded by angels, up to the throne
Serenaded by angels, finally at home
Surrounded by praises, to the King
Welcome to Paradise, the angels did sing

Serenaded by angels, up to the throne
Serenaded by angels, finally at home
Surrounded by praises, to the King
Welcome to Paradise, the angels did sing

Welcome to paradise, the angels did sing


Written by L. Kirk Talley • Copyright © BMG Rights Management US, LLC

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Music video by Bill & Gloria Gaither performing Serenaded By Angels (feat. Kirk Talley) [Live]. (P) (C) 2012 Spring House Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by EMI Christian Music Group,


Billie Conley says:

My sweet granny awoke in Heaven's courtyard Thursday night. We all miss her so very bad. Please pray for God to comfort us through the difficult days ahead.

renato aarom says:

kirk Talley, essa voz não é daqui, vc é especial!
Ninguém pode te julgar, Jesus é o teu advogado,
Pecador não julga pecador!

Renae Forbes says:

Wow what a beautiful song kirk Talley wow

Debra Jensen says:

My sister Pat also had this played at our mother's funeral. Mom was a wonderful 101yrs young, and when it started to play, my tears started to flow. I'm sure my mom had watch Bill Gauirher, and I'm sure she was smiling in heaven. God Bless

norma jenkins says:

Love this,missing my Mom so much.Gone home to be with Jesus.

Shanna Tucker says:

This song was sung at my Nannys funeral December 26th 2016….so beautiful!!!

ramnghet colney says:

i dont understand why somebody would give thumbs down for a great song like this

Bad Babboo says:

Love this song, helped me so much when momma left for heaven! 🙂

Chad Malone says:

thanks glory to God that we got this songs to turn to for our comfort and knowing he will be there make the journey a whole lot better

Dave Norris says:

Thank You Jesus . . <3

Jennifer Dickerson says:

This was one of my mom's favorite songs.  I had it sang at her funeral.  The last 6 weeks she lived, the only thing she talked about was going to see Jesus.  I know she is there with Him and I rejoice for her, but I still miss her so very much.

Wendy Owczarek says:

I have no words except Amazing & Beautiful!!!

Alfrata Anderson says:

Absolutely beautiful God bless you

Ingrid Turner says:

I just love listening to Kirk sing any song at all – he is so special.  This is one of my favorites.  Beautiful and what an inspirational thought.

Carol Osborne-Blagg says:

What a blessing this song is for me!  Good job Kirk Talley!

squeeze5113 says:

My mom was Serenaded by Angels, 16 yrs ago tomorrow, Dec. 23, 1998. This was my favorite for her and it was played on a tape by Kirk Talley. Love it.

Theda Barrett says:

Thank God for the Angels that Surround us

Juanita Tedder says:

Angels in the room is another song about angels that is bueatiful. My mother saw the angels the night before the morning they took her. The nurse said she could feel their presence, she had never felt their presence as strong in the 10 years of working as a nurse. I think my mother was afriad to die even through she knew the Lord because they were taught you never knew for sure where you were going.Isn't  Isn't it wonderful!

carol summers says:

My sister had this song played at my mothers funeral,its beautiful if you listen to the words it lifts you up even though I think of the funeral I know what God has in store for those who love him.

Missy Wiley says:

When I first heard Kirk Talley, I thought he was a woman cuz he sounds like one.

pat clark says:

I love Kirk Singing this song thank you.

pat clark says:

Most beautiful thank you Kirk God Bless.

Linda VanMeter says:

I am my 92 years young Momma's caregiver.  She has ask me to start compiling songs for her Celebration of life ceremony. I am so positively certain, that when Jesus calls her home that she will be serenaded by angels, as she crosses over. 

Buds Wright says:

Haleluyah! I am trying to keep my faith for my Lord … this is a promise I don't want to miss. Help me My Father. Keep me intact. Lord, I love You. I praise Your Holy Name

Philip Neyland says:

He has an ear for music that is phenomenal

carol downs says:


Janice Wilson says:

I love this song, wish he would be able to do more singing.

Charles Dube says:

Excellent Choice of Songs. I would not have lined them any other way. So many of my favourites and new ones too. Good job and God bless. Do make another collection, please!

Jennifur Sun says:


Norma Gordon says:

I luv Kirk Talley… This is one of his best!!!!

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