Southern Gospel Hymns Classics [26 Hymns Total] [Instrumental]

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Enjoy these Classic Southern Gospel Hymns .  26 Old Timeless Gospel Hymns that bring back some precious memories.

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Milton Anyanga says:

It always giveth thee strength to over come the temptations coz in Christ I ve fount cormfort , blessing, gently and Pawer nothing shall make me backslide

Annackey Damaskus says:

This world will become a better place if we all put God 1st and obey his Commandments

Annackey Damaskus says:

thank you God for your blessing

ricardo prates says:

That's my awake up every morning… Starting my work day refreshing my soul after giving Thanks to God for everything. Jesus Is The Lord. Amen!…

Johanes Tuliao says:

I love the old time gospel.he makes me refress.thank you LORD

Rekha Gadkari says:

thanks for God nice people and good wishes

Danny Mcclusky says:

Great Gospel Hymns

Joe Walker says:

This miracle prayer let's me know that I know Jesus . Do you. Listen to Carter Conlon he will help you . This music takes me into deep worship. Try this in this order. GOD IS GOOD.

frederick hamilton says:

Thank God for is love , And the old Gospel sing's

Sundareson D says:

Best Collection , it is marvelous .. Just love this.

Ricky Martinez says:

How can 475 people (most of whom I assume are professing believers) give this a "thumbs down"?

Shirley Meadows says:

Music does not get any better than this

Terry Fisher says:

i Thank God For healing me:)

Robert Momigi says:

wonderful ,God bless you. Keep you safe until His coming second time

Cyril Ologe says:

So I'll cherish The Old Rugged Cross…what a commitment and total rendition

Senado Guinea Ecuatorial Senado says:

Each time I listen to this music it makes me appreciate God´s love for us.

Dianavee Miller says:

old rogged cross

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